What we do

Longer Lives, Better Lived

Everything we do is to improve people’s health and wellbeing. We work in partnership with NHS Lothian and other health-related organisations to enhance the experience of patients, families, carers and staff across Edinburgh, Midlothian, East Lothian and West Lothian.

Through the generous donations of our supporters, we help to save lives, improve the quality of life, support education, innovation and research. We are extremely grateful for every mile walked, cycled or run, cake baked, donation made, legacy gifted and all the other ways our donors show their support.

Specific funds

Specific funds are held for the purpose relating to NHS Lothian hospitals, departments, wards and area of clinical research. The specific funds are most commonly the beneficiaries of donations, fundraising activities and legacies. They are overseen by a Fund Steward  who directs the expenditure towards improving patient and carer experience. Find a fund here.

Standing grant programmes

A number of grant programmes have been agreed by Trustees. These have been selected to achieve a wide and positive impact and are reviewed on an annual basis. Please see our funding page for more information and links to the online application for Small Grants.

Strategic programmes

We have demonstrated that taking coordinated action on a range of thematic grants and activities has greater reach and impact in terms of improving health and wellbeing. We are investing in the following themes, recognising their strategic importance under our vision of longer livers, better lived.

  • Tonic arts – We support live music, patient workshops, exhibitions and artworks and therapeutic design throughout all our sites. We know how much our environment and surroundings can have an impact on how we feel but did you know that it can also help patients recover more quickly.
  • Greenspace and Health – Fresh air, open spaces and places to sit and walk help all of us in our emotional and physical wellbeing. We support green health activities including therapeutic gardening, community gardens, public greenspaces and health walks across all sites.
  • Volunteering Well – We are the main funder of NHS Lothian’s Volunteering Well programme. This supports all the amazing volunteers who give their time, expertise and compassion in many ways including befriending, transport, and giving information and support to patients and their loved ones.
  • Research and innovation – We support some of the best researchers in the world who are working hard to fight, treat and cure many health conditions through innovative new ways.
  • Staff development and wellbeing – We want NHS Lothian to have the best trained and supported staff across all healthcare roles. We fund additional staff training, development and wellbeing projects to help enhance the experience and care for patients and their families.