The difference your donations are making to staff

The difference your donations are making to staff

We are so excited to be working with teams across the region to help them make their dreams for a calm and comforting wellbeing space a reality.

Thanks to donations already received, our amazing NHS Lothian staff will be able to take a moment of calm, to clear their head and decompress before returning to the many pressures of the job. Here is an update on some of the projects that are already underway:

The team at Midlothian Community Hospital is improving an existing space to make it more comfortable and welcoming, creating an oasis of calm, away from the bustling wards. A place to take stock, breathe, and simply switch off.

We are also working with other sites to improve existing ‘cold’ staff rooms or create new spaces with more comfortable seating, soft lighting, speakers for relaxing music, and amenities such as microwaves or kettles to allow them to have some hot food and refreshments during their busy shifts.

We are delighted to see some teams making use of outdoor areas to create their wellbeing spaces. Connecting with nature can have such a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing, with spending time in the fresh air helping staff relax and be more rejuvenated during the day.

With support from our Green Health Programme Manager, we can help the teams do more and make the very best of their surroundings.

For the larger sites, wellbeing leads are undertaking consultation with staff to find out more about what their ideal wellbeing space would look like. The team at the Western General Hospital has already created plans for their wellbeing wing and conducted surveys with staff to get their feedback. Staff are delighted with the plans and pleased to have been involved in the development of the space.

Our Tonic Arts team is also working with the leads to look at relaxing colours for the walls and artworks from our collection that will help make the space feel more homely and inviting. We look forward to sharing the final result with you!

This is an ambitious project, with a lot of work still to do but we are thrilled to be working with so many sites already, and hearing their stories about how important these spaces are as we start to move beyond this crisis and into recovery. Together, we can help give our cherished NHS heroes what they need; a moment of calm to recharge.

If you would like to help create some extra special places for some extra special people, there is still time!