Wellbeing Appeal

Wellbeing Appeal

A Moment of Calm

Your gift today will provide a moment of calm for our NHS Heroes, who so vitally need to take a break. Thank you for providing those moments today.

“There is no space within the unit to sit and relax when work is continuing around you. It would be so beneficial to have somewhere to go to give our minds a rest. Being able to open up and be listened to by those who have experienced it with you is crucial to our wellbeing.”
Critical Care Nurse, NHS Lothian, 2021.

Coronavirus has asked so much of our staff teams and as we move forward out of the pandemic, it’s time to give these tireless heroes some of their moments back via wellbeing rooms and spaces. Everyone needs a moment to themselves and there can be no greater gift you can give than giving a moment to those who cared for us during the pandemic.

These are just some of the items that your donation will help us provide, helping us to bring these special spaces to life and support the wellbeing of our staff.

A moment of sensory calmness.
A gift today will put to good use harnessing the healing power of plants.  Plants within hospitals have been shown to reduce symptoms of ill health by 25%. Coronavirus recovery starts here!

A moment of joy.
Wellness rooms need some sound, be it bird song, the sound of the waves or a favourite tune, we all feel the benefit of music.  Your gift will help make those sounds of joy happen.

A moment just to be me!
The greatest healer of all, a hot drink! In times of difficultywe all reach for the kettleThis moment is all about relaxation and comfort.  A moment of being able to leave behind the busy wards and enjoy a minute to themselves. 


The impact that donations are already making

Donations received are already making a difference to our amazing NHS Lothian staff. Read more about how, together, we are helping to give our cherished NHS heroes what they need; a moment of calm to recharge.