Video Observed Therapy for Patients Receiving Tuberculosis Therapy

Organisation : Department of Respiratory Medicine, RIE
Grant Amount : £ 44,826
Project Dates : April 2015 to March 2016

A major issue is patients with Tuberculosis (TB) adhering to treatment. In New York where all therapy has been given by directly observed therapy has led to a reduction in TB prevalence.

The prevalence in the UK is rising where the majority have unsupervised therapy so we as clinicians have no hard evidence patients are complying with therapy. In patients where there is a recognised high risk of poor compliance, we supervise their therapy three times weekly. This is resource intensive as the TB nurses have to go to the patients own home.

The aim of the project is to use modern technology and determine whether we can use video observation for both latent and active Tuberculosis. This would be a major advance and for the first time we can be certain that patients are complying with therapy.

Long term this will help in the ultimate aim for TB eradication.