Video Counselling for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients Starting Treatment with Anti-TNF alpha drugs

Organisation : GI Unit, Western General Hospital
Grant Amount : £ 4,800

Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease are common chronic conditions. The anti-TNFa drugs are effective treatments and can have life changing effects for patients. Serious side effects such as infection and certain cancers can occur with treatment and it is vital that all patients are fully informed about the risks prior to starting treatment.

Currently patients are counselled by a specialist nurse or pharmacist but there is a long wait for this appointment which delays the start of treatment. This means that some patients will need admission to hospital or steroid treatment which could be avoidable with rapid initiation of drug.

We plan to make a short video to facilitate group counselling; this removes the wait and allows timely treatment. The benefits include;

  • appropriate information for all patients
  • understandable format
  • equity of access that can be repeated at any time

The video can now be viewed at