Video and leaflet discussing Post Mortem Options for parents whose baby is stillborn or dies in the early Neonatal Period to ensure equal access to information

Organisation : Department of Pathology (at Royal Infirmary Edinburgh) working in partnership with SANDS Lothian
Grant Amount : £ 5,000

The aim of this project is to ensure equality of access to information surrounding autopsy in cases of Stillbirth and Neonatal Death and explaining why it might be important to future reproductive health. The use of simple language and short  sound bites  within an animation will ensure informed decision making for all regardless of background or reading ability.  By using the views and voices of bereaved parents we will  create an animated 2 – 3 min video using a Q and A format to address the “real” issues that parents had when they were asked about PM. An accompanying leaflet will also be created.

Produced video available here –