Veteran Service User Fly Fishing

Organisation : NHS Lothian (Veterans First Point)
Grant Amount : £ 1,084
Project Dates : June to December 2015

Veterans First Point Lothian (V1P) is an NHS service which strives to provide a Credible, Co-ordinated and Accessible service where military veterans can seek help for health and wellbeing problems. In an effort to encourage Service Users to mix and widen their social networks, we offer activity groups to the clients, where they can get away from their problems for a day and engage in an outdoor activity.

Fly fishing has been used successfully by the armed forces as a complimentary therapeutic activity to help service persons decompressing from intense periods on operations. The intention of this project is to make fly fishing, a sport which is both physically and mentally demanding, requiring patience, concentration and skill, accessable to our registered service users by making the necessary equipment available to use at instructional sessions.

In addition, to maintain the project momentum in the winter, fly making equipment will give the clients focus over the dark months and give them the skills to build their own lures for next spring.