Upgrade to Bereavement Suite at St John’s Hospital, Livingston

Organisation : St John's Hospital, Livingston
Grant Amount : £ 2,292
Project Dates : May to September 2016

The SJH mortuary’s bereavement suite/viewing area was partly refurbished in April 2014 with new carpet/flooring laid and it was freshly painted. The furniture and soft furnishings were not replaced; chairs are mismatched and the walls are bare leaving the area stark, uninviting and rather clinical. There also may be occasions when there is an infant death and the viewing area is not adequately equipped to accommodate this.

Currently the infant would be viewed on the adult viewing trolley therefore I would like to address this. I would like to replace the current seating and introduce a single sofa bed to be used for viewing of deceased infants. The relatives sitting area and viewing area would benefit from some extra items of furniture, artificial flower arrangement and prints for the walls. As the bereaved may be accompanied by young children I would like to provide some toys.