To facilitate access to community resources and garden area during admission to inpatient unit

Organisation : NHS Lothian, Forteviot House
Grant Amount : £ 1,879

For an inpatient, likely be an inpatient until at least April 2015, during this time we need to ensure that he access’s appropriate community facilities that meet his needs and ensuring that he retains a community presence.

His autism and levels of challenging behaviour dictate we have to be selective in how he access’s his community which  means utilising specialist facilities that he can use at times when he will not be a risk to himself or others.

We are also in the process of having an area of garden fenced off so that this young person will have access to an outside area for the periods that they are an inpatient within our service.

To ensure that this garden meets the needs of this young person we would need to equip this area with appropriate specialist and sustainable garden furniture and play equipment