The Walled Garden -Therapy in design, recovery within the outcome

Organisation : NHS Lothian - Mental Health Occupational Therapy Department, St Johns Hospital
Grant Amount : £ 5,000

The St John’s Hospital IPCU court yard (22 x 15m) is the only outdoor space for patients in the unit. It is currently partly covered with a wet pour rubberised safety surface. The courtyard is surrounded by a three story building on all sides and has a number of benches and planters as part of a very basic landscaping of the court yard space. The team at IPCU recognise that an improvement of the space will contribute to a much enhanced caring environment which in turn is evidenced to contribute to improved recovery rates for patients. With this in mind the team at IPCU is seeking support to undertake a programme of work which encourages patients and staff to redesign the courtyard space, with the support of identified experts, so that it can be better used and support a range of different activities and needs.