Teach young people with complex disabilities lifelong skills and habits to improve their health and their involvement in the local community.

Organisation : Sleep Scotland (TEENS+)
Grant Amount : £ 17,692

In the first year of this project we aim to support 18 young people with complex disabilities such as autism, severe learning difficulties, cerebral palsy and partial sight to learn essential life skills relating to food and become healthier and more independent. This project will support the purchase and installation of a learning space with adaptable worktops and suitable kitchen equipment and teach young people with complex disabilities how to safely prepare healthy food and understand how to eat a balanced diet. This project is unique as it will be based on the collaboration between a dietician with expertise in additional needs (NHS Lothian Weight Management Service) and TEENS+ staff. Working with the dietician the TEENS+ staff will develop a tailored training programme that will be delivered by TEENS+ year on year and is expected to reach 30 young people each year.