Supporting children with prominent ears and their concerned parents

Organisation : NHS Lothian, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Paediatric Psychology and Liaison Service
Grant Amount : £ 2,000

Parents can be very concerned when their child has prominent ears, they worry their child might get bullied and loose self-confidence. Some parents will ask their GP for a referral to hospital. During the consultation in hospital parents will be given lots of information, which can be overwhelming. We propose to develop a video showing the consultation with the surgical team and the support available from the psychosocial practitoner to help the child develop strategies to deal with comments about their appearance. Parents and carers can watch the video in their own time at home and ask their friends and family for advice. We propose to work with the What? Why? Children in Hospital charity to develop this video as they have successfully developed videos, which prepare families for their visit to the RHSC Respiratory department.

The video can now be viewed at