Sports Equipment

Organisation : Orchard Clinic, REH, NHS Lothian
Grant Amount : £ 1,000

The Outdoor Sports Court which forms part of Cypress is a well used resource by patients of the Orchard Clinic. The Edinburgh Lothian Health Foundation were kind enough to provide a grant to develop the playing surface, and the Orchard Clininc will shortly be fulfilling our side of the arrangement by re-treating this prior to the spring/summer sporting season.We would like to apply for some large sports equipment, in particular: Cord for the Tennis net, whihc is broken, and new tennis posts which are too rusted to be effective. We would also be hopeful of acquiring new football goalposts as these too are seized up with rust, and very shabby. The Orchard clinic will be purchasing smaller equipment(badminton net, racquets, balls etc) but we would be greatly appreciative of assistance with the larger items. The benefit will be sustained for longer than the six months.