Singing for Lung Health – The Warblers

Organisation : NHS Lothian, Lothian Respiratory Managed Clinical Network
Grant Amount : £ 2,000

The project will engage an experienced song leader to run 20 weekly sessions of the Warblers – Singing for Lung Health group for people with chronic lung conditions in Musselburgh, develop publicity materials and carry out outreach work to inform health professionals about the group. Research has shown that regular group singing can improve the physical and emotional health of people with COPD.

The project will build on the work of a 12 week pilot seed-funded by the British Lung Foundation which evidenced high levels of support for a regular group in East Lothian from both respiratory patients and health professionals, and will extend the range of self-management activities available to people with respiratory conditions in East Lothian. Records will be kept of numbers attending and the benefits to participants will be evaluated through BLF questionnaires and a qualitative evaluation.