Screening for people with an intellectual disability in a Primary Care Homeless Population

Organisation : NHS Lothian, Strategic Programme Manager - Disabilities
Grant Amount : £ 15,000

We aim to pilot the introduction of the Learning Disability Screening Questionnaire (LDSQ) into Edinburgh Access Practice, which provides health services to homeless people, as a means of quickly and accurately identifying patients who may have an intellectual disability (ID). The LDSQ was developed in ID services in the UK but has not been validated or used within homeless services, despite people who are homeless being more likely to have ID than the general population. The planned outcomes are to encourage routine screening and improve formal identification of ID. This will facilitate the provision of appropriate healthcare and signposting for these patients, e.g. to community LD teams, enabling a reduction in the health inequalities they face. The project will be evaluated by obtaining the views of staff and service users about the impact of using the LDSQ on health care and support.