Scottish Mental Arts Festival

Organisation : NHS Lothian
Grant Amount : £ 2,000

To support a programme of activities and events across Edinburgh and the Lothians as part of the Scottish Mental Health and Arts Festival during October 2017. SMHAF launches on 10 October World Mental Heallth Day and as such generates awareness and discussion in the media and there is evidence that this contributes to a reduction in stigma associated  with mental ill health.

The SMHAF is the largest social justice festival in Scotland and the activities in Edinburgh and the Lothians are a key element, in 2016 over 30 events  took place and over 3000 participants across Edinburgh and Lothian. The overall programme is coordinated by NHS Lothian Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategic Programme. There is a focus on recovery and people with lived experience of mental health problems are key partners.

Funding will specifically support the following projects;

  • Contact Point Lothian Barony for £800
  • Mad Jammers Open Mic Edinburgh for £192
  • Penumbra – Edinburgh Self-harm Project for £800
  • REH Patients Council for £148