Royal Victoria Hospital/Western General Hospital Social Activity for Dementia Care

Organisation : NHS Lothian
Grant Amount : £ 1,000

The ward is an assessment and rehabiltation unit for older adults. Approximatley at any time, 50% of patients will have a cognitive impairment/ dementia. Longer lengths of stay are associated with deterioration in physical and mental health, making admission to a care home more likely. Activity  for patients with dementia is essential to a person’s wellbeing and gives purpose and enjoyment to their day. The purpose of the project is to obtain various activities that can be used in the ward, to allow patients with dementia to have greater interaction and more purposeful day. Part of the project will be to educate nursing staff in the use of activities and interactions, through visiting dementia day centres.With the assistance of Dementia Champions on the ward, nursing staff will be able to develop ward routines and staff, so that interactions become part of normal care routine.