Right Place First Time Signposting Poster

Organisation : Linden Medical Practice
Grant Amount : £ 1,200

People are encouraged to look after their own health yet they struggle to do so as they are unaware of the resources they can access directly e.g. pharmacy, optometrists etc reducing pressures on GP practices. About 10% of registered pts contact their GP practice on a wkly basis (Lothian LMC). Face to face consults have grown by 13% and phone appts by 65% in the last five year, (The Kings Fund). WL Pract Man Group and WL GP Quality Clusters have developed this Poster which highlights key allied professionals who can be accessed directly by the general public without seeing a GP. Our project will supply posters and leaflets to all WL GP practices and, as part of joint working within the IJB/HSCP, we will circulate posters and leaflets to pharmacies, AHP teams, SW, Xcite, Family Ctrs etc.