Provision of paramedic services for charity air ambulance

Organisation : Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance
Grant Amount : £ 15,000

The Scottish Government and SAS approved SCAA providing Scotland’s third helicopter air ambulance based at Perth Airport in Nov 2012 and the service was launched on 22nd May 2013. It has responded to 70 calls in the first 7 weeks and has already contributed to saving many lives by providing medical help at the scene of time-critical emergencies and transporting patients to hospitals considerably quicker than by conventional land ambulances, especially from remote areas of Scotland. It is integrated with the existing SAS tasking protocols and reporting procedures and has worked alongside the 2 state-funded air ambulances, First Responders, land ambulances and receiving hospitals, where there has been a wide and warm welcome for the new service. SCAA has deployed to incidents to save life and the majority of them have been trauma cases: Cardiac arrests; strokes; head injuries; equestrian incident where horse fell on the rider; numerous motorbike accidents; major road accidents on A9 and A90; aircraft crash; paraglider accident.