Promoting Continence Health Education Project

Organisation : NHS Lothian
Grant Amount : £ 4,790

The funding being sought for is to facilitate public/patient involvement in the Promoting Continence in Lothian project. Posters and discrete credit sized leaflets will be produced to empower patients with information on the new referral pathway. The information leaflets will also direct beneficiaries to self management resources to promote their continence. Information will also be placed on the new referral pathway so that they can access the health care system easily.

This will assist in efficient transformation of the health care system as well as address inequitable access. The project will involve patients and multidisciplinary teams in developing the leaflets, obtaining permission from relevant NHS authorities, printing and disseminating the produced leaflets in waiting rooms of clinics and public places such as pharmacies and libraries.

The leaflet is now being printed for distribution and can be viewed here