Playlist for Life: Playlist for Edinburgh and Lothians

Organisation : Glasgow Caledonian University
Grant Amount : £ 60,000

Personal music is a powerful yet untapped tool for patient/carer wellbeing in dementia. With 84,000 suffers in Scotland, 63.5% living at home and 19 diagnoses daily, Alzheimer Scotland (2013) urgently calls for post-diagnostic strategies which are non-pharmacological and cost-effective, integrating health and social care to promote inclusive and effective self-management, increase access to effective and inclusive care, and improve patient/carer wellbeing. Playlist for Life and Glasgow Caledonian University will answer this need by harnessing the power of personal music to develop such a strategy: a unique personal playlist intervention and an innovative app for delivery from post-diagnosis to end of life, informed by research evidencing impact on patient/carer wellbeing. The intervention will be designed, developed and piloted for use in Edinburgh and Lothians, and beyond.