Place2Be, East Lothian

Organisation : Place2Be
Grant Amount : £ 90,000

This project will support the delivery of Place2Be’s emotional and therapeutic support for vulnerable children. Our East Lothian Hub (cluster of schools) consists of six primary schools, offering school-based mental health services to over 1,500 children. Place2Be works with children in areas with high levels of deprivation, alcohol and substance misuse, violence and family breakdown. These problems can have a catastrophic impact on the mental health of children and their capacity to learn, diminishing their life chances with each passing day. In each of the schools we are based in, a team of Volunteer Counsellors (VCs) provide weekly 50-minute individual sessions for children with the most urgent needs. Funding from the Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation would contribute to the recruitment and training of 24 VCs, who play a vital role in improving children’s emotional wellbeing.