Phase I feasibility study of the Functional Fitness MOT: engaging older patients of a physiotherapy service in healthier levels of physical activity

Organisation : NHS Lothian
Grant Amount : £ 17,682

This is a feasibility study of the introduction of a new service, the Functional Fitness MOT (1), within Edinburgh Community Physiotherapy Service (ECPS). This face-to-face, group intervention aims to raise awareness of the health benefits of physical activity among the over-60s, offer immediate feedback on current fitness levels, and encourage people in this age group to be more physically active through engagement with local organisations. However, the MOT is untried in a clinical setting and has not been formally evaluated. Hence this study will investigate whether the MOT is appealing to older physiotherapy patients and can be delivered efficiently in a health centre setting. Patient recruitment and retention rates and the extent to which outcome data can be collected will be measured with a view to planning a future pilot trial of the MOT compared to the usual treatment provided.