One chance to get it right: exploring perspectives and experiences in care home discharge decision-making

Organisation : Geriatric Medicine, Royal Infirmary Edinburgh
Grant Amount : £ 25,000
Project Dates : June 2016 to September 2018

Admission to care home is life-changing and there is typically only one opportunity to get the decision right. Although there is evidence around what constitutes effective discharge planning this is not always implemented in practice.

To improve, we need more understanding of the issues from the perspective of the individual and other ‘key stakeholders’.

This study seeks to explore the perspectives and experiences of those involved in discharge decision-making. A case study design will enable exploration of contributions to the decision-making process.

Data will be collected from case note review and semi-structured interviews with patients, their family, and the multidisciplinary team.

Developing a clearer understanding of the enablers and barriers to effective decision-making on care home discharge planning has the potential to offer significant benefit to patients and their families.