Music Therapy / Occupational Therapy group

Organisation : NHS Lothian, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)
Grant Amount : £ 1,148

CAMHS piloted a 10 week music group facilitated by a Music Therapist and a CAMHS OT. The group supported young people excluded from/ struggling to access mainstream music projects due to mental health problems. Young people were supported to play instruments, compose own songs, perform together and visit a recording studio to record their work. The group facilitated self expression, creativity, free play; reduce anxiety among young people in treatment and recovery; increased motivation and involvement in recovery activities and well being and fostered social interaction skills through a non-verbal medium. The number of referrals received indicated a high level of interest within the CAMHS population. We propose to run the group again twice, (increasing the number of sessions to 12 and places to 8).