Music therapy for ARBD unit

Organisation : NHS Lothian, Penumbra Milestone house ARBD unit
Grant Amount : £ 2,000
Project Dates : November 2015 to April 2016

The Milestone Unit is a 12 bed unit with nursing, OT, physio and Social Work support. Patients are admitted after alcohol detoxification in an acute setting. Before this unit opened, patients from this cohort would often spend over six months in an acute hospital bed, with poor social-work and therapist input. The unit aims to cut down bed costs in the longterm, all while providing a safer more stimulating and rehabilitative environment, ultimately with a better longterm outcome measure for all residents.

Obtaining the sound therapy equipment, such as Hang drum, Singing bowls, Resonant furniture, Klangshale etc for which funding is requested, will increase the uniqueness of the ARBD unit, as well provide the acoustic frequency content that only these authentic pieces can achieve. Frequency effects are only just being recognised in the scientific community, and extend to our understanding of matter and physical phenomena in health and disease.