Mobile Devices as Data Gathering & Decision Support Tools for Mental Health Assessments in Custody.

Organisation : NHS Lothian, The Orchard Clinic
Grant Amount : £ 65,000


1-Make important information available at the point of assessment

2-Improve quality of information gathered/communicated

3-Reduce communication delays between professionals

4-Decision support to assessor

5-Capture information for research, audit, service planning and clinical governance.

6-Speed data entry and reduce double entry of dataImplement first in a forensic setting and then versions developed for other health/social care contexts.


Developing, using agile and rapid methods, bespoke mobile apps that integrate clinical information from different back end sources, present it to the user, allow the user to efficiently enter their findings, support their decision making and actions and output reports in a variety of formats both to human end-users and to other information systems