Lothian Lessons Learnt Module

Organisation : NHS Lothian
Grant Amount : £ 9,900

South East Scotland Virtual Induction passport (SES VIP) covers corporate and clinical mandatory training for all doctors in the region throughout training. Nationally, the online medical student prescribing test 2014 demonstrated 40% failed which meant 24 new doctors needed a written prescribing test in Lothian to ensure fitness to practice. NES have a module on SBAR with restricted access: only 24% engagement of foundation doctors; DNA CPR module in development, nothing that tests specialty specific patient centred knowledge. We would like to develop a module for the SES VIP which reflects real life as patients are complex therefore, developing training tools in silos is artificial. Once developed the video scenarios could be used for training of all health professionals involved in prescribing and complex decision making through the use of adaptive questioning.