LEAP Patients Weekend Activities

Organisation : NHS LOTHIAN
Grant Amount : £ 1,000

LEAP (Lothians & Edinburgh Abstinence Programme) is a three month, quasi residential treatment programme for people  with alcohol and drug dependency. The programme offers structured treatment based in the community using evidence based interventions. The patient group in treatment operates as a therapeutic community. Weekend activities of various types have become an integral part of LEAP’s three month programme and outdoor activities include cinema, bowling and visiting Edinburgh landmarks i.e. Castle, Holyrood Palace. These activities ensure a continued sense of community and strengthening inter-patient activities to working in groups rather than isolating and providing a way of relaxing and stress releasing which helps to build confidence, encourage team building and enhance morale amongst the community. Providing education not only on their surroundings but proving that there is more to weekends than drinking or using drugs and they can go out and enjoy themselves without the use of drugs and alcohol. The activities allow patients to be exposed in a safe way to triggers and cues that might lead to drinking or using in the future and through the activities, they are evidencing that they are able to navigate hazards and tempations in the community without having to relapse.