LEAP Family Programme (Integration & Development)

Organisation : NHS Lothian, Lothians & Edinburgh Abstinence Programme, Astley Ainslie Hospital
Grant Amount : £ 47,846

The LEAP Family Programme (LFP) has evaluated highly, providing solid evidence of its efficacy and continues to benefit the families of our patients across Lothian. This is preventative work: families who engage with psychosocial support and education across a series of interventions are less likely to present to other services, and can positively affect patient outcomes. We wish to consolidate the learning of the last 3 years and explore opportunities for long-term funding. We wish to develop our reach within NHS Lothian and with our partners in the Residential Rehabilitation Alliance so that more families may benefit; support and develop our outreach into local communities through our family member peer-support network; and continue to gather evidence of the importance and value of family-inclusive practice so that we can continue to contribute to a developing strong evidence base.