INtensive care and family ParticipaTion (INPuT)

Organisation : NHS Lothian - Edinburgh Critical Care Research Group
Grant Amount : £ 39,099

National governmental policies and international healthcare research emphasise the importance of Patient and Family-Centered Care (PFCC) (The Healthcare Quality Strategy for NHSScotland, The Scottish Government, May 2010). This benchmark study will explore the feasibility and acceptability of a PFCC bundle in intensive care (ICU) from the perspectives of intensive care patients, their families and nurses. We will engage with these three stakeholders to identify facilitators and barriers to developing a PFCC bundle in ICU. Further, we will develop a list of care activities that will form part of the PFCC bundle in ICU. Such bundle of care will transform care delivery and improve the patient and family experiences in ICU. This is in line with policy objectives and the quality agenda of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme and NHS Lothian.