Increasing the access for children and young people in Lothian and across Scotland to innovative medicines

Organisation : NHS Lothian, Children's Clinical Research Facility, Royal Hospital for Sick Children
Grant Amount : £ 52,015

Patients wish for better medicines and access to the latest innovation. Such is the pace of innovation in paediatrics that bottlenecks in capacity limit patient access.

Over the last five years Edinburgh Children’s Clinical Research Facility has successfully increased the number of clinical trials and supporting nursing staff, but is limited by medical capacity. We will employ a medical clinical fellow in the Children’s Clinical Research Facility to increase patient access to novel medicines. The post will be 50% co-funded by NHS Lothian R&D department for 24 months.

The fellow will provide day-to-day review of patients in commercial clinical trials, supporting clinicians to become research active, and through commercial contracts recouping their medical time to fund future clinical fellows. We will increase capacity for trials by 100% over the 24-month period.