Health & Well Being Project

Organisation : Scottish Spina Bifida Association
Grant Amount : £ 68,000

Spina bifida (SB) and hydrocephalus (HC) are complex disabilities. The Health & Well Being Project will offer support via a specialist nurse to a total of 59 young people aged 14-25 in NHS Lothian affected by the conditions and who are struggling with transition from Paediatric to adult health care services. The need for support during transition can be acute and evidence clearly demonstrates that early intervention with a person centred approach can prevent crisis points arising. The project will address health inequalities by supporting young people to have confidence in communicating with NHS adult services, increase self-esteem, and provide the skills necessary required to self-manage their conditions. Providing information & signposting will also give access to finance, benefits and vocational advice which will also help to address financial inequalities.