Health Hub @ Croft an Righ

Organisation : Viewpoint Housing Association
Grant Amount : £ 22,000
Project Dates : September 2016 to January 2018

The ageing population with LTCs is creating pressure on GP surgeries close to our housing complexes.

With tenants of 65 and over, with GP support, we aim to reduce call-outs and prevent hospital and care home admissions.

This would be achieved by installing multi user-health monitoring equipment in one of our larger sheltered housing complexes. This would reduce numbers in GP clinics, help support older people locally with their routine checks, enable quick responses to changes in their health and aid self-management.

This “health hub” could be extended to selected groups in the wider community if successful and a GP in the west of the City has expressed interested. Croft an Righ sheltered housing complex would provide a good test site.  It has practical space and pool of older tenants with LTCs.