Gypsy / Traveller – Bus Hub Project

Organisation : NHS Lothian
Grant Amount : £ 14,900

An informal partnership has formed between 3rd Sector, CEC and NHS Lothian to explore the health, education and social issues facing Gypsy/Travellers. It is well documented that these communities experience poor health and inequalities. One issue identified by the group was the lack of an effective ‘hub’ space to coordinate immunisation programmes, health checks, sexual health advice, mental health and carer support. In addition, education, welfare and employment input has also been difficult to address. CEC has donated on old playbus as a fixed venue within Cairntow – a ‘settled’ Gypsy/Traveller site located in Craigmillar. It is planned that this would provide a ‘Bus Hub’ to allow professionals and Gypsy/Travellers to work together to improve community health and wellbeing. This would also provide services for the many road-side travellers that pass through on annual journeys.