Emotional Literacy Youth Worker

Organisation : East and Midlothian School Nursing Service
Grant Amount : £ 66,934
Project Dates : June 2015 to June 2017

This proposal aims to employ an experienced youth worker, who will work within 3 high schools in Midlothian. The youth worker will focus on building resilience and self esteem for pupils who are experiencing low level mental health concerns with focused 1-1 brief interventions.

The school nursing team will provide mental health and well being sessions in P7 and S1.

Additionally the project aims to:

  • Develop a mental health pathway, in partnership with Children’s And Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), which would include referral criteria, assessment and a working tool kit for all agencies to use.
  • Parental information sessions.
  • Training for the Youth Worker, with Clinical supervision from CAMHS.
  • Training and upskill staff from education, partner agencies and school nursing, to increase skills and competencies.