Development of RNA profiling in paracetamol poisoning

Organisation : Queen's Medical Research Institute, University of Edinburgh
Grant Amount : £ 12,318
Project Dates : June 2013 to November 2014

Poisoning is one of the most common reasons for patients being admitted to hospital as an emergency, with paracetamol being the most common agent accidentally or deliberately ingested at life-threatening doses. We have collected blood samples from poisoning patients as part of a multi-centre interventional clinical trial.

We wish to use these unique samples to determine if the blood RNA signature identifies sick patients at the hospital front door because, in rodents, early changes in the blood RNA signature can identify paracetamol-induced liver damage.

With further clinical development, this novel approach may allow targeted treatment of those patients at high-risk of liver injury before the patient is critically ill and, conversely, facilitate early safe discharge of low-risk patients.