Development and Provision of Activity Packs in Acute Adult Mental Health

Organisation : Acute Occupational Therapy Department, Royal Edinburgh Hospital
Grant Amount : £ 500
Project Dates : March to September 2014

To develop and provide activity packs for service users (aged between 18 and 65) within the Acute Mental Health Service. Activity packs have previously been developed by Occupational Therapy staff, in response to patients’ requests for creative materials such as paper and pencils. This had led to the development of card making, puzzle, and relaxation packs.

The packs were also offered to service users who were too unwell to attend Occupational Therapy groups or to leave the ward environment, allowing them to engage in therapeutic activity on the ward.The activity packs shall be designed by the Occupational Therapy team, therefore serving a specific therapeutic purpose.

These activity packs have been piloted by the team in all of the acute wards of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, and have generated positive feedback from service users and staff alike.

Consideration has been given to the quality of the materials in the packs, in response to feedback from recipients. In addition, links have been made between the Occupational Therapy team and the Volunteer Hub at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.