Creating a safe and dementia friendly environment within and NHS community hospital to add quality of life to a group of gentlemen living with dementia.

Organisation : NHS Lothian, Maple Villa
Grant Amount : £ 3,429
Project Dates : October 2014 to February 2015

Maple Villa provides continuing care to 26 gentlemen with severe dementia and behaviours that challenge in a single room environment.

The team are driven to change a clinical environment to a homely and dementia friendly  environment for our  patients and relatives. The team have worked hard to create a show room and have shared with relatives and patients. The room has coordinated curtains and bedding in dementia friendly colours and most importantly a durable perspex board to display the person’s life story on the wall.

The aim of this is to give the patient visual cues of their life memories and achievements, to allow relatives visiting to recall those important memories with their loved ones when communication  can be hard and also to allow staff to use the board to help our gentleman settle if they are distressed particularly during care and intervention.