Complementary Therapy Service for Families Supporting Adults with Autism

Organisation : Pasda
Grant Amount : £ 8,000
Project Dates : November 2015 to October 2016

To improve the health of carers of adults (16+) with autism through complementary therapies.   Individual and group sessions will help carers better manage the frequent health issues they experience.

These include stress, anxiety, depression, self-harm, panic attacks, sleep problems, low self-esteem and isolation. Our carers are used to coping on their own and are often not in touch with other support services.

This project is a practical, low-cost solution to health concerns which is accessible, flexible and addresses our carer’s specific needs.Therapies will be delivered in a safe, supportive environment where carers can relax and meet others.

Individuals will be supported to develop coping skills to use in their home life. More structured training will also be offered. Improving carers’ mental health will have a positive impact on the whole family including autistic adults.