Community based exercise: perspectives of stroke survivors

Organisation : Queen Margaret University
Grant Amount : £ 8,345
Project Dates : May 2016 to August 2017

Fitness training improves function in stroke survivors. NHS Lothian provides physical activity (PA) interventions in collaboration with the fitness industry to facilitate community based exercise by stroke survivors.

An award winning collaboration – Exercise After Stroke (EAS) In-reach service – between NHS Lothian and Edinburgh Leisure currently provides community based PA opportunities for people with stroke. However even with appropriate services in place there are barriers to many stroke survivors accessing gym facilities or continuing with exercise for a prolonged period. It is not clear what factors influence the long-term impacts of such services on the exercise behaviours of stroke survivors.

This study will explore experiences in relation to take-up or prolonged adherence to exercise in the community by stroke survivors who have participated in a community based PA intervention.