Communication Though Music

Organisation : Myreside Ward, Royal Edinburgh Hospital
Grant Amount : £ 3,360
Project Dates : July to December 2014

For people with dementia, music offers a great deal. It provides a useful alternative means of communication when verbal skills may have been lost. Patients are often able to express themselves eloquently using simple musical instruments and voice. When music is a shared activity or in a more social setting with other staff and relatives. It goes a long way to reducing social isolation.

This project aims to offer patients currently living on the Myreside unit an opportunity to get more involved with the music that is important to them. Individual sessions of music therapy will be offered to the men on Myreside.

This will be facilitated by Carole Clarke, an HPC-registered music therapist who has 6 years experience of dementia/challenging behaviour. Each patient will have a record of the music that is important to them, and the ways in which they use music.