Citadel Families Healthy Choices Programme

Organisation : Citadel Youth Centre
Grant Amount : £ 30,000
Project Dates : October 2015 to March 2018

This project is intended to build on the success of the ELHF funded Young Mums Healthy Options Programme, which ended in September 2014.

The new programme will enable participants from the previous project to continue to work on their personal health goals, but will also be promoted to a new target group, including new young mothers who have joined our Young Mums Group and parents/carers accessing the Citadel’s new Families Project.

The latter is open to any parents of children aged 5-12 attending the Citadel, but priority is given to vulnerable families identified by social work or schools as requiring additional support. Like the earlier project, the new programme will be modular, covering different aspects of health, including stress management, physical fitness, nutrition, smoking cessation and parenting.