Butterfly Power – Anxiety Management

Organisation : Liberton Medical Group
Grant Amount : £ 4,971
Project Dates : January to June 2019

In Partnership with Libertus Services a third sector organisation within the South East of Edinburgh; a gap in services for individuals with low income, living in an area of deprivation has been identified.

The aim of the pilot project would be to fulfill this by offering free psychological therapy in the form of Anxiety Management and Art Psychotherapy; currently patients are travelling out of the area to seek therapies.

There would be an opportunity for the Psychological Therapist and Art Psychotherapist to offer sessions out with normal working hours in order to make sessions available to individuals unable to attend sessions due to work.

Anxiety Management classes would be for 8-10 individuals for two hours over eight weeks. Art Therapy would be either through 12 sessions of 1:1 individual therapy or 8 sessions as a group of 6-8 individuals, depending on the needs of the community.