Arts and Outdoor Activities at Jupiter Artland for Looked After Children`

Organisation : NHS Lothian (Strategic Planning) working in partnership with Jupiter Artland
Grant Amount : £ 2,520
Project Dates : May to December 2018

The aim of the project is to give looked after children (LAC) in West Lothian the opportunity to engage in a programme of arts and outdoors activities at Jupiter Artland to promote their wellbeing. The programme would involve a series of Friday afternoon workshops from late April to late June 2018.

After completing the Jupiter project, participants would receive a certificate of completion for their CV. Engagement work with LAC in Lothian has shown that they would like opportunities to be creative and express themselves.

The Jupiter project would provide opportunities for LAC to be creative, broaden their social networks, and gain exposure to art and landscape design activities which could build personal and career interests. West Lothian is the target population due to the proximity to Jupiter and because of the inequalities which exist there.

Please see a few images from the project below