Art Therapist Support Family Systemic Practice

Organisation : Home Link Family Support
Grant Amount : £ 19,180
Project Dates : April 2015 to August 2017

Art Therapists supporting Family Systemic Practice with families at risk of family breakdown enables

– children and young people to process their feelings non verbally in relation to the family dynamics which has an impact upon their behaviour and mental health

-families to join together in a creative activity. There is evidence that engaging in an arts based therapeutic activity enables family members to express thoughts which they may feel uncomfortable expressing in verbal therapy

– “it bypasses those censors that families may have adeptly construed”

-“Families change less and more slowly when children are not part of the therapy” (Keith & Whitaker).

Using an Art Therapist increased the success of our systemic family work in resolving conflict, revealing young children’s fears and concerns reducing likelihood of family breakdown or children developing mental ill health.