Activity Equipment Grant

Organisation : Islay Centre Harris Unit, Learning Disability Service
Grant Amount : £ 677
Project Dates : September to December 2014

To provide activities package using games consoles in the new resource which will be Intensive Treatment Flats supported by Nursing Staff. We have providing care for 3 service users who have moderate to severe disabilities who present with other health challenges. The aim of this project would be to enable the service users an opportunity to engage with staff in a positive structured activity which would encourage the service users to be more active, improve coordination and gross motor skills well as the opportunity to improve on social skills with others.  Our aim would be to provide the opportunity for both musical & games entertainment which is tailored to the physical ability & musical tastes of our service users as this is known to have a positive reaction of the service users, based on games console use elsewhere within the service experiences. We aim to provide a range of activities using the consoles for the service users to enjoy whilst socialising & interacting with others in an activity which will improve hand eye coordination, information processing, turn taking and will increase activity levels to encourage a more active lifestyle.