About Me

In West Lothian we wish to trial an innovation to enhance patient ownership of their health and wellbeing and improve person-centred care. A group consisting of a volunteer/patient rep, GP, Social Worker, OT, ward C/N, District Nurse and Improvement Manager has developed a tool called “About Me”.“About Me” is a folder (easy-use for those with poor dexterity) that would hold all the information that is relevant to the client / patient and what matters to them. We have developed a template covering 8-12 pages. This is useful as a reminder for clients and for healthcare staff and has information about their health concerns, what they should do if they’ve been in hospital, what matters to them, appointments and any contact information etc. The last sections are for repeat prescription sheets, and any other relevant printed sheets, e.g. OT sheet, Diabetes sheet, COPD) self-management plan.