A New Counselling Room for the Department of Spiritual care

Organisation : Department of Spiritual Care, St Johns Hospital
Grant Amount : £ 9,616
Project Dates : September 2014 to October 2015

The proposal aims to transform two small rooms within the Department of Spiritual care into one larger space, to be known as ‘the counselling room’. We believe, with architect Dame Zaha Hadid, that in a hospital setting as elsewhere, ‘space can make you feel good’. Our vision is to create a space which is designed not only to be functional but to lift the spirit and promote the wellbeing of all who use it.It should be a welcoming haven, in which the many and varied spiritual needs which members of he healthcare community bring to the chaplains may be addressed in a calm, harmonious and private setting. The counselling room should give expression to the importance placed upon person centred care, and should make a quiet but confident statement about the 21st century hospital as a setting in which healing is acknowledged to include body, mind and spirit.