Charity News

Changing Workloads and the Volunteering Hub at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital

February 10, 2014

Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation provided £90,228 in April 2013 to the Volunteer Centre Edinburgh (VCE) to develop the Volunteer Hub & Activity Buddies at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. Funding provided enabled the organisation to manage the public volunteers in the hospital, they inherited 35 active volunteers by December 13 had recruited…

LEAP Family Programme: independent evaluation

February 10, 2014

The findings of an independent evaluation of the innovative LEAP Family Programme, funded by the Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation, were presented at an event hosted by the Lothians & Edinburgh Abstinence Programme at Woodlands House (AAH) on 23 January 2014. An audience of 84 people drawn from Scottish Government,…

Health Foundation 2013 Public Meeting

November 29, 2013

On 27th November 2013, more than 70 people attended the Health Foundation’s second public meeting at their Headquarters at Waverley Gate. Guests received a brief overview of the Foundation’s last year, and heard from Dr Nick Cruden about his exciting cardiology research study, funded by a Foundation grant. In addition,…